About Key To AML

My name is Kai Yaniz. I graduated from University of Central Florida with a Management degree with dreams of working in the finance industry. My full-time career began at a brokerage firm involved in Mutual Funds.

From there, I decided to travel the world and took a career break to finance a $6,000 trip to Australia by following tried-and-true financial fundamentals. After my travels, I returned to finance working in Anti-Money Laundering. It started as a temporary position that I didn’t realize was going to develop into a passionate career. In October 2015, I took the dive and obtained my certification in CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Specialist) with ACAMS.org.

Despite my crazy career journey, I graduated with high honors with my Master’s in Business Administration from Webster University.

Working in the Anti-Money Laundering arena, it has become apparent that money laundering can infiltrate any organization and industry. As the regulations increase on this crime, as does the necessity to have an Anti-Money Laundering expert on-hand working towards the best interests of the company–not the money launderers.

Given my knowledge and background, my primary goal as an Anti-Money Laundering expert is to prevent money laundering concerns before they start. Contact me as soon as possible to stop it before it starts!

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist